Wetsuit Care

This wetsuit is constructed from premium materials which require careful handling to ensure their longevity. Please follow these guidelines when looking after your C-Skins Swim product.

On first use please take your wetsuit out of its packaging very carefully. Take extreme care when putting the wetsuit on – slowly work your wetsuit on from the legs up being careful not to let your fingernails dig into the material. Avoid putting on the wetsuit when wet or when the wetsuit is wet. Rinse thoroughly in cold, fresh water after every use.

Dry by hanging on a good quality, chunky coat hanger. Dry and store out of direct sunlight. Once dry - store hanging on a quality coat hanger or lying flat (carefully folded behind the knees and then in half).

Do not use your swim wetsuit for anything other than open water swimming.

Sharp objects including fingernails may tear and rip the high performance Glideskin and Smoothskin neoprene. C-Skins will not repair or replace items that have rips and split seams where there is clear evidence of inadequate care, misuse or accidental damage.


Firstly, ensure that both legs are pulled up to the knees.

Proceed to pull the suit up to the waist, ensuring that it is pulled as high as possible between the legs. Pull the top half of the suit as far up as possible (to the armpits) before putting your arms into the sleeves.

Upon fitting the arms, slide hand into sleeve and stretch up, whilst pushing the wrist through the cuff.

Ensure that all creases and folds are smoothed out throughout the suit.

It is recommended that someone helps to do up the zip, ensuring that inner flaps are flat and in no way twisted. Once the zip is pulled all the way up, make sure the collar is secured snugly.

The wetsuit is designed to be close fitting and worn like a second skin. A snug fit will ensure the suit will be at it’s most effective and it will stretch over time.