At C-Skins, we only do one thing; develop innovative neoprene products that deliver on warmth, fit, flexibility and durability and maximise your time in the water. We’re here for the free spirits and the athletes, the quick dippers and the seasoned swimmers - we can help you to say yes to doing what you love, 365 days of the year.

You know the feeling,
we know the wetsuits.

Nothing invigorates the senses and the soul like a swim in the great outdoors. You know the feeling: the exhilaration, the calm, the living in the right now. It’s elemental, raw, reviving.

River or rockpool, loch or lido, vast ocean or tiny stream...

Take your wetsuit with you and you’re ready wherever, whenever the opportunity appears. To get out, to get in, to get under. To challenge your body and wake up your mind. To shake up your everyday. So whoever you are, wherever you are, why ever you do it: take us into the water with you… and leave everything else behind.